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The Wealth Wheel: Four Essential Pillars of Personal Finance

Introducing the LMM’s Wealth Wheel. Do we debate the age-old question, what matters more, size or the motion of the ocean?

How do you perfect a drink that’s already been perfected?

The wealth wheel contains four segments that are connected clockwise.

The first is income. Simple enough, the amount of money coming in. This could be your salary, your side hustles, or your lottery winnings (not really that last one).

The next segment is debt. How much money you owe whether that is credit card debt, a personal loan, or student loans.

The third segment is budget. Your plan that allocates where your money is going. A good rule of thumb is 50% to essentials, housing, food, utilities etc, 20% to investing, and the last 30% for non-essentials, things like beer money, vacation funds, clothing, concerts. There is room for individual interpretation in this formula but it’s a good starting guide.

The fourth and final segment is investing. This can include your 401K, Roth IRA, your brokerage account, etc.

Whatever is higher than a super genius, that’s what I am.

2 beste casinoer 2020:

    Enorme bonuser og jackpotter!


    2 plass i rangeringen!

All four parts of the wheel are equally important. Some of you will have a lock on one or more of the segments. Maybe you have no debt but you also have no investment.

Your money won’t grow. You have a budget but haven’t paid off all of your debt. You’re driving and going in the right direction, but you have your foot on the brake and it’s slowing you down.

There are many layers to each segment. Use our site to dig deeper into the segment that you need a better handle on until all four of your segments are rolling smooth. We’ve done multiple episodes on each aspect of the wheel.

As the female member of the team, let me assure the male hosts and listeners, just as all the segments of the wealth wheel are equally important, so too are the size and the motion of the ocean. Glad I could settle that for all the gentlemen.

Show Notes

The LMM Wealth Wheel: Lean about the four parts of the Wealth Wheel.

Wheel of Wealth

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Wheel of Wealth Slot Machine

This slot game from Microgaming is a straight up classic with its 3 reels and 1 pay line. Simple enough, right? Well not exactly, because this game is far from being an ordinary classic slot thanks to its many special features. In fact, if you spin the Wheel of Wealth, then you may well be in with a chance to take home some very fruitful winnings.

As easy to play as 1, 2, 3

This slot machine is as basic as they come in terms of gameplay. That is because the game requires spinners to simply line up matching icons over the single pay line, which runs slap bang in the middle of the 3 reels.

The only variant involved is the amount of coins that you place down as a wager per spin. Even then, you can only bet a maximum of 3 coins – so it’s not exactly going to get too complicated. The coin value is always 1.00 and you can increase the quantity by toggling the “Bet One” option. If you want to live a bit dangerously then you can go straight ahead and press the “Bet Max” button to stake all 3 coins.

Selecting this button will set the reels in motion automatically but you can also press “Spin” to put the slot machine into action. There is also an autoplay feature available on the expert mode of the game.

A simple slot with a sprinkle of Las Vegas glam

The theme of this slot machine is refreshingly simple. There are no novelty narratives or crazy characters involved, just simple fruit machine symbols with a twist of Las Vegas glitz. The aspect of the slot machine is very striking with its golden frame and vividly coloured symbols, meaning that players can enjoy plenty of eye-grabbing action.

The most basic game symbol on the Wheel of Wealth slot machine is the classic cherry icon – get 3 of these on the single pay line and you will win up to 12 coins depending on the size of coin that you put into the slot machine. Going up in value, you will find single bar, double bar and triple bar symbols. The largest paying icon on the game is the Wheel of Wealth icon itself. Line up 3 of these with the highest coin value and you will hear the “kerching” of 5,000 coins entering your game balance. Lovely stuff.

More than just a 3-reeler

As the not so well-known adage goes: you should never judge a slot machine game by the number of reels. Well, that bears true with Wheel of Wealth because it brings to the fore a number of additional features that you might not normally find on a classic 3 reel slot machine.

First up, there is the wild multiplier symbol which is depicted by the Wheel of Wealth icon. This symbol works its magic by substituting for other symbols to complete winning pay line combinations. That is not bad at all, but there is more. If one wild symbol fills in to make a winning combination, then that win will be multiplied by 2x. If two wild symbols are present, then the winnings will be multiplied by 4x. Now that is a treat and a half!

The scattering “Spin” symbol is the only symbol that cannot be substituted by the wild symbol. This special symbol will only show its face on the 3rd reel of the slot machine. But what’s so special about this icon? Well if it appears on the pay line then it will activate the Wheel of Wealth bonus feature.

This bonus game might just send players into a spinning frenzy because side game features a big wheel with twenty separate segments, each one representing a different bonus value ranging from 20 to 1,000. All that you have to do is spin the wheel and cross your fingers in hope that it will land on a segment which leans towards the larger side of this scale.

Players should take note that this Wheel of Wealth bonus round is only available when the maximum bet of 3 coins has been placed. Therefore you will have to take a bit of a risk to reap the rewards of this exciting bonus game.

A slot machine of vintage calibre

3-reel slots are too often overlooked by modern day punters who are accustomed to the big thrills and complex gameplay of 5-reel video slots. But this classic slot machine offers a little something extra to the classic arcade game with its bonus features and wild multipliers.

The fact that there is only 1 play line may well deter players who need to hear the sound of a winning spin on a frequent basis. Nevertheless, players may just be handsomely reward if they have the patience to get stuck into this vintage calibre slot machine.

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