Trolls Bridge

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Trolls Bridge

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Trolls Bridge Slot Machine

Trolls can be one of two things: the stuff of nightmares, or cute looking 80s memorabilia that later have been made into a film. However you deem to remember them, this software by Yggdrasil is making you interactive with the life of a troll, thanks to the Trolls Bridge video slot. Having played many pokies by this brand before, we know to expect some 3D graphics and general good looks, but this online slot feels like they’ve stepped up their game yet again. This latest release has just once again clapping at how unique and special Yggdrasil titles are.

To appreciate the beauty, and game features, we’re referencing to, you can either play for real money or play for free. Either option will provide generous amounts of entertainment, though only real cash players can take home the cash-out at the end. But maybe cash isn’t your thing, in which case you’ll be delighted to know that there are bonus games, free spins, wild symbols, multipliers and so much more. This is a pay table that gets you chomping at the bit, so let’s not delay any further.

Raising That Bridge

First and foremost, let’s just breathe in the mobile-optimised aesthetic of this online gambling marvel; every inch is bustling for attention. Demanding that you take a look. Even the opening cutscene, which shows the drawbridge being raised is a work of art in itself. With casino slot machines like this, is it any wonder that gambling is such a popular pastime for many? We think not.

What we appreciate most here, and there’s a lot to choose from after all, is the texture of the interface as a whole; none of it feels flat or underwhelming. However, some punters could argue that the matrix is a little too busy, which may put those off more inclined to play classic slots. After all, not all dollar slots have to look amazing to actually be good and reliable games, as titles from Novomatic and Merkur often show us.

The Pot and the Stone

This section of the review may sound like a questionable title of a band or something, but it actually refers to one of the many side games on offer here. As those of you who have searched the reels will have seen, there’s many bonus offers available to everyone who plays. What is more, while the free spins seem the most obvious port to call at, we much prefer the payouts of the Bonus Pot and Bonus Stone, two unique symbols that bring big rewards. And as any high roller worth their salt will know, high-paying returns are all it’s about most often than not.

2 beste casinoer 2020:

    Enorme bonuser og jackpotter!


    2 plass i rangeringen!

These two features only show up during the base activity, which immediately makes the grid feel that more enticing. However, they both don’t operate in the same way; the Bonus Stone can randomly occur after every spin, a win or not, while the Bonus Pot can only land on the fifth reel. Sometimes punters will get extra spins, while others will be given multipliers or coin amounts; it often depends on whether they’ve created a winning combination or not.

Make a Wish

The fairy tale themed charm of the free Trolls Bridge slot machine lives on inside other slots, as demonstrated by Wish upon a Jackpot. This Blueprint Gaming title might not look or sound anything like what we’ve played so far, but we guarantee you that it’ll take you on a whimsical journey. The 20 win lines have a more old school, nostalgic slot feel to them, but that only makes us love it even more: it’s raw and unrefined.

And yet we have so many offers on show here, with even a gamble feature thrown into the mix; this was missing from Trolls Bridge, so it’s a welcomed sight indeed. In terms of monetary gains and max bet costs, Trolls Bridge works out cheaper as it tops out at 250 credits, whereas Wish Upon a Jackpot goes all the way to 500.

Building Bridges Forever

We might have crossed the bridge finally, but that doesn’t mean that the fun of this Yggdrasil slot has to stop here. This is because of how much wealth of features Trolls Bridge has, ensuring that prolonged playtimes aren’t just expected, they’re pretty much guaranteed. If you’re looking for magic, childhood memories and stories of wonder, this is one way of getting all of that without picking up a book.

Should you not be as impressed as us, there’s more neutral themed slots about, such as Yggdrasil’s Spina Colada game, one for all you beverage lovers out there. Be it troll hunting or drinking, we wish you the best of luck as you make that first wager and get spinning.

Troll Bridge (2020)




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  • Troll Bridge by Neil Gaiman and Collen Doran
    15 September 2020 | Comicmix

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Credited cast:
Don Bridges . Cohen the Barbarian
Ruben Francis . Scree
John Jenkins . Mica
Troy Larkin . Beryl Motion Performer
Tilly Legge . Beryl / Narrator
Glenn Van Oosterom . Horse

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Set in the phenomenally successful Discworld series, Troll Bridge is about the world’s last Barbarian hero (now at the age of 87) embarking on a suicide mission to battle a bridge troll in mortal combat. In a land where the undead have formed an equal rights movement, goblins are on the endangered species list and the evil Cutshade Forest is being logged; the world has truly gone mad for Cohen the Barbarian. Time has moved too fast. Troll Bridge aims to be the largest scale short film in history. Using resources garnered over a decade of dedication, love, sweat and toil, Troll Bridge has already broken records and set benchmarks internationally. Written by SnowGum Films


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User Reviews

Director Daniel Knight explained that his short movie Troll Bridge, based on a Terry Pratchett novel, spent 7 years in post-production. I would have guessed 7 months at a push. The CGI used to bring the titular creature (and his family) to life is wholly unconvincing, more redolent of a computer game than a film.

Now I might have been more forgiving had the script and direction been something truly astounding, but sadly they’re about on a par with the creature effects: Pratchett’s sardonic humour, which takes wry swipes at the state of the world we live in, doesn’t translate well to the screen, and Knight allows his film to drag, even at just 25 minutes.

To be fair, much of the cinematography is stunning, with the massive stone bridge under which the troll family resides being particularly impressive, and Bridges looks the part, but then the film goes and makes a fundamental cock-up with the continuity: Cohen’s bottom row of teeth alternates between jagged diamond dentures and well-maintained pearly-whites. It had me grinding my own molars in frustration!

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