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Gamblers ignore COVID-19 safety measures as Las Vegas casinos reopen

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As casinos in Las Vegas reopened Thursday for the first time since March amid the coronavirus pandemic, many customers gambled with their health — rolling the dice by not wearing masks or maintaining social distancing, according to reports.

“Wash your hands while saying, ‘Vegas Baby!’ 20 times,” a video marquee displayed along the famed Las Vegas Strip as hotel-casinos opened right after midnight Thursday.

Dozens of people eager to let the chips fall where they may waited impatiently at The D Casino and Hotel on Fremont Street to have their temperatures checked at the door.

The casino quickly filled with happy high rollers while a bartender danced, wearing lingerie and a surgical mask as Nevada continued its second stage of reopening.

To reopen, casinos must submit a plan to the Nevada Gaming Control Board explaining how they plan on keeping proper hygiene and social distancing, according to Business Insider.

MGM Resorts-owned Bellagio, New York-New York and other casinos planned to increase cleaning and require social distancing — but when the doors were flung open, some proved better than others at enforcing safety protocols.

A swarm of customers rushed onto the gaming floor of The D, where a video posted by Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Mick Akers shows packed crowds, though dealers and dancers are wearing masks, Business Insider reported.


Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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Many customers also ignored spacing at slot machines, but surfaces appeared to be cleaned regularly.

Hotel guests at The D — whose owner, Derek Stevens, offered free one-way flights to jump-start the tourism recovery — were treated to free champagne at check-in and a ribbon-cutting on the casino floor, USA Today reported.

Bobbi Carlisle, a truck driver from Phoenix who hoped to snag a souvenir piece, was recognized by an employee as the first guest to check in that morning. The staffer pulled a memento out of his suit jacket pocket and presented it to her as a belated 60th birthday present.

“It’s just been months of us trying to get here,” Carlisle told the news outlet. “Now we’re here, and we’re so excited. We’re hoping to get a keno machine, and we’ll play there for days.”

Stevens said the visitors arriving this week tend to be younger Vegas fans who may be more comfortable traveling, since older people are in a group at higher risk for severe illness related to the deadly bug.

“This will be a very fun, gregarious group,” Stevens told USA Today. “These are people that want to get out of their hometown and come visit Vegas.”

Jeff Hwang, a gambling enthusiast and blogger, planned to visit every casino in town that was scheduled to reopen.

He said he was given face masks, including one with a Golden Gate logo at the city’s oldest existing downtown casino.

“Walking around, not many people were using them,” he noted. “Just employees.”

Gambling Today: Vegas is Back at Midnight

The new Vegas for the new reality is now being unmasked for many of the world’s greatest gambling destinations. MGM Resorts released vast information, along with its Seven Point Safety Plan explaining the operating procedures for many of their Las Vegas strip properties.

At Bellagio, MGM officials demonstrated and explained how they’ve reassembled the layouts and implemented new procedures at the resort to account for the new reality of trying to safely operate post shutdown due to COVID-19.

At the prestigious location, it all starts in the lobby. Bellagio will offer a contactless check-in experience via mobile app, allowing guests to download the app, enter their reservation information and payment information, communicate arrival time and get access to their hotel room without even going to the front desk. A digital room key can be scanned at your room, unlocking the door.

“Guests who are not familiar or don’t feel comfortable using the app or that technology and want to check in the traditional way will still be able to do that, but that will be done in a more touchless way,” says Andy Meese, Bellagio Vice President of Hotel Operations.

All employees are required to wear masks while guests will be strongly encouraged to do so. In some cases, such as participating in casino games like craps or roulette, players will be required to wear a mask or will be provided with one. The newest and perhaps biggest enhancement on the casino floor is the removal of slot machines replaced by the installation of various full-service hand-washing stations for employees and guests to use. A six-foot physical distancing policy will be implemented throughout the resort, while still aiming to maintain the fun Vegas atmosphere everyone has become accustomed to.

Bellagio will be conducting non-contact temperature checks with hotel guests who physically check-in. They will not be screening all visitors that enter the building. Furthermore, the Nevada Gaming Control Board is governing all casino reopening protocols but is not requiring properties to install thermal cameras for temperature checks. However, the board is recommending such screenings for all hotel guests.

The Bellagio is scheduled to reopen Thursday at 10 am PST with New York-New York and MGM following an hour later at 11 am PDT.

Live Poker and Adjusting to the New Normal

Many properties will not be offering live poker when various Las Vegas casinos reopen as early as 12:01 am PDT this evening. Wynn Resorts and Aria, two of the biggest poker destinations on the Las Vegas strip, announced that they will not be reopening their poker rooms.

In addition, many guests should be ready to see a ‘new normal’ when they walk through the doors of their favorite hotel. The Venetian and Palazzo, two of the most visited casinos on the strip, unveiled protocols under, “The Venetian Clean Commitment.” The new procedures in these unprecedented times, include more than 800 guidelines highlighted by the implementation of the use of thermal imaging cameras.

Thermal cameras will be installed at every resort entry/exit to check temperatures of both staff and guests. Those who have a temperature over 100.4 degrees will undergo a secondary screening. If they still indicate a high fever, they will, “undergo further medical assessment and be directed to appropriate medical care.”

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Will be at the Bellagio next week for 5 nights! I registered for a PC card online and will get my wife one when we get there (link accounts). We’ll probably bet $1200 or so for the week in this manner.. 200 for slots, 200 for VP, 200 on the sports book, and 300 each for BJ and Craps. Should I even bother presenting my card for the table games as I’ll probably only bet 10 bucks a hand and 10-25 per roll (5 or 10 pass line and 10-15 on the odds)?

How about a casino host for this amount of play?

Thank you for your replies.

On BJ No, On Craps No.

I would use the card for the slot machine play and VP.

$1200 is not really alot for 5 days of play.

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Personally I would not worry about a host at $1200 worth of play at the Bellagio.

Remember the points you get is by how much you pump into the machine. If you start with 20, win back 15, put in the 15, you have 35 points.

They wont even take your card if your not playing $25 a hand.

«They wont even take your card if your not playing $25 a hand.».

They took my card at the Caribbean Stud table betting $10 hands.

The WYNN also took my card (and the other players cards) betting $10 hands at their Caribbean Stud table.

Thank you for your thoughts..Adam- That’s brings up an interesting question..If you started playing a few hands at 25 bucks and then eased backed to 10-15, would they give your card back mid play?!

They don’t «keep» your card the whole time you’re sitting there – they mark down your info and hand it back.

Husband and I played combined $25 per hand for six hours straight at the suggestion of the dealer. Got rated (you give them your card and they mark a time down – when you leave they clock you out).

Spoke with our host the next morning to make sure we got credit for it and was told that it really doesn’t add much value to our comps! Luckily we walked away with a pretty purple chip ($500) so certainly had more luck than if we were playing the slots.

We’ll likely play again because it was really fun – helps to combine the hands though if you don’t want to spend the $25/hand.

When U bet sensibly, U are just another hot body at the table.

The card will not have much impact on the slots.

U are not spending enough money.

A Bellagio host wont even return your phone call.

Suggestion>>>>> Play at Harrahs, Flamingo.

IF, U have a car, GO down to the SOUTHPOINT CASINO.

6 miles south on LV blvd. An easy drive.

How do you combine hands? Take turns betting $25? Hand the other $12.50 on each hand? I don’t understand.

You should always use your card every time you play. Let the pit boss refuse it if he wants to. Even if your action is too low, at least they know you are there and gambling. Might qualify you for some discount offers for your next trip.

2 beste casinoer 2020:

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    2 plass i rangeringen!

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