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Fortunium slot game will be your best choice

Online casino games have exceeded everyone’s expectations. Well, this type of game wherever you are offers you greater comfort and entertainment.

Every day there are more searches for online casino games, such as poker, slots, cards, and more.

The addiction that turns is surprising towards this type of fun, especially when there is money involved. Many may think that more money is invested than can be earned, however, if you are likely to win any of the prizes.

Just as it is a great time and money savings compared to traditional casino games since to play and entertain, you do not need to leave your comfort; on the contrary, from a computer or smartphone, you can access any of the online casino games quickly and safely.

There are many benefits that you can get from these online games, and taking advantage of them is an excellent decision because thanks to technology and its advances, this is possible.

The Steampunk aesthetic makes this slot extra appealing. Easy to play, great for beginners looking for some gold!

Please Play Responsibly:
Fortunium is restricted to personsover the age of 18

2 beste casinoer 2020:

    Enorme bonuser og jackpotter!


    2 plass i rangeringen!

Where to Play Fortunium?

There are indeed online gambling websites and casino games that only scam users, stealing their money and time spent, but to avoid this, you should investigate a little before entering a site and start playing.

On the internet, you can find all the detailed information, with the opinions and experiences of other people who played on the portal, and from there, you will decide whether to play or not.

If you are new to this and want to have extra experience and money, the Fortunium slot game is highly recommended.

What is Fortunium about?

In the slot games, this was one of the first ones that set the tone in the world of online casinos. In 2020 it was launched as one of the slots on the Microgaming developer.
Microgaming is the provider of the best technology, working as a private company to offer real software for online casinos worldwide since 1994.

This provider was commissioned to present the Fortunium slot game to the public — the best experienced in the gaming and casino industry, such as Stormcraft Studios.

The theme of this slot that has had a lot of receptivity for users is to be a steampunk theme for winders of 5 by 5. This game has been characterized as a work of art since the images and scenographies are very attractive and different from what has been seen.

The game consists of two characters, who are the protagonists of this casino game, called Victoria and Maximillian. They stay in a very futuristic and incredible setting. The weapons and accessories that you can find in play, consist of treasure chests, four poker symbols, and aircraft.

Victoria is a very active girl with a lot of experience to navigate and explore. Maximillian is very careful to create and invent very impressive mechanical devices.

The two characters will be as main symbols of the game (stacked symbols). The level of graphics of the characters is very amazing, almost in a real way, without a doubt a work done with dedication where every detail is focused, thus making a different experience for users.

Fortunium symbols

The slot is composed of 5 reels for 5, 2 characters, and different elements or accessories, within them, are the following symbols.

Normal: these symbols combine to be together on the same pay line. When they are normal winning compositions, they are paid from left to right from the first reel.

According to the normal bets that the player makes the payments are made per line, this excludes the WinBooster, which is a mysterious symbol within the game.

Wildcard symbols: these symbols create winning combinations and do not replace the distribution emblem.

Distribution symbols: these should not be presented on the same active pay line. Nor should it be replaced by wild cards.

Mysterious symbols: these symbols can be transformed into other symbols. They can also create collections of low, high, or wild symbols. These symbols, although accumulated, do not generate any payment.

This device can be mobilized and deactivated during normal games. Your bet can perfect and the mysterious emblems. The player’s bet when this symbol is activated can be increased by 50% and then transferred to free spins, as every game contains its rules to have equity of the site and users.
These are made up of:
Bets placed by players will depend on the number of coins used and the sizes. For every ten bets are thrown, a multiplier will be used.
The paytables publish to the players the number of credits that are collected for each combination. The number of payments earned shown in the table is shown in the currency version.
Only normal combination payments are canceled per line, with the player receiving the highest cost.
It also receives high value by winning distribution combinations. Awards and bonuses are added to the regulatory earnings. If the player got a successful combination, it would be reflected in the drums of the game.
On the contrary of not getting a winning combination, the game ends and will play the game again.

To End

Through this game, many players have been able to win real money, placing their bets, and playing as a method of entertainment.

You can also play Fortunium for free, for those who want just to have fun, have a new experience, or to test the quality of play before starting to decide whether to bet or not.

This version is very futuristic and entertaining, which has called the attention of the game too many players. Its theme is striking and easy to access and manage, which new participants will handle very well.

Each sign, letters, and buttons have a different design with great visibility. When you start spinning the reels, you will only expect your best result.

This slot game is a very original version, with very attractive graphics, and the best thing is that you can play it for free or real money betting and get extra money.

Through the following secure online casinos, you can trust and play the Fortunium. Live the best experience and play a very entertaining game, with chances of winning real money, in addition to having a free version if you wish.

Fortunium FAQ’s of the Game

Where can I play Fortunium Slots?

You can play this wonderful game from your smartphone or your tablet if it has the Android or Apple operating system. Test your luck in this game no matter where you are or play for free to have a fun time.

How to Play Fortunium slot?

You have to concentrate on finding your treasure that must be in the middle of many amazing symbols and rollers that you must discover. This game is recreated in a world of fantasies and you cannot miss the opportunity to play it.

How to Get Fortunium Bonus?

You can also get bonuses through the mistery reel function where you can activate wild cards that are stacked, and with them, you will make free spins. And if you group the correct symbols, you will get the winning combinations. Upon entering this slot machine, you will have many options to win.

Does Fortunium offer free spins?

There is another option to activate the free spins in fortunium slots since you can activate the question marks that will appear and in this way, you can see the figures you expect to make the winning combination and every time you win a free spin you can choose an additional one.

Can I play Mega Moolah on my mobile device?

You can start your journey through the world of the African savannah at any time from your smartphone or tablet. If you are tired in your room or another place that does not allow you to sit in front of your computer, take out your mobile device and that’s it.

Can I play Fortunium and win real money?

By playing with your real money, you can have many options to win if you manage to match the correct figures and the appropriate symbols to be the most successful moves. Test your luck in this game that has a payout percentage of 96.47%.

Do I need to download a third-party app to play Fortunium on mobile?

To play, you have to have a smartphone that has an Android or Apple operating system. It also applies to other mobile devices such as tablets. You have to enter the site to play on this slot machine no matter where you are; you have to have the courage to live a great experience.

Who created the Fortunium game?

This game is one of the best acquisitions created by Microgaming, since this slot machine has an incredible theme with five reels, and you can make bets of very surprising payment lines for up to 25 coins.


Fortunium Online Slot: Land Multiple Wins via Stacked Symbols and Super Stacked Mystery Symbols

Fortunium online slot is a 40-payline content deployed by the Microgaming platform. Paying lines run through a 5×5 grid, while elements occur as single, 2-tile or 5-tile stacks of alike images. Heightening win possibilities are Stacked Mystery Symbols (?), which when in view, subsequently reveal stacked identical elements. Except for Bonus Symbols, any High, Medium, and Low Win icons as well as Wilds, may turn up after a Mystery Symbol revelation.

Fortunium developer, Stormcraft Studios, added a Win Boost configuration that can make the Mystery Symbol feature more potent. Activating the Win Boost will make sure that the Stacked ? icons landing as outcomes of a spin, will reveal only High-Win or Wild Symbols. The arrangement though comes with an additional cost, pegged at 50 percent (50%) of the Total Standard Bet.

Fortunium Online Slot: Super Stacked Symbols

Two images, seemingly modeled after a 17th century Fortune Teller named Victoria, and of a Renaissance inventor named Maximilian, occur as 5-tile high Super Stacked Symbols. Both icons award the same range of payouts. A group of 3, 4 or 5 units of Victoria or Maximilian totems pays a cash reward equal to 9x, 25x or 80x the Coin Value staked per line.

Victoria and Maximilian icons may also emerge as 2-tile high stacked images.

Fortunium Online Slot: Mystery Symbols

Mystery Symbols are identifiable by way of Question Marks. A spin may produce partial, or full displays of the stacked elements in one or more reels. A Mystery unit aligning with other likenesses in any paying line, completes a winning combo.

A regular Mystery Symbol is set against a green backdrop, and may reveal piles of Wilds or any of the high and low win elements.

When emerging with a Win Boost arrangement, the Mystery Symbol appears against a golden background. The Gold Mystery Symbol type, reveals only the High and Medium-pay icons, as well as Wild Symbols.

Fortunium Online Slot: Wild Symbol

A tile emblazoned with an uppercase W represents the Wild Symbol. It takes position in any reel, also as partial or full stack of Wilds. Any W unit can combine with identical regular-paying symbols in a paying line, to complete or expand a winning arrangement.

A pair or a group of 3, 4 or 5 W Symbols may also organise as a payline win. The longest Wild symbol arrangement occurring from the leftmost reel, garners a reward equal to 2x, 10x, 40x or 200x the Coin Bet.

Fortunium Online Slot: Free Games

A set of 10 free games activate whenever three (3) or more Bonus Symbols occur as simultaneous outcomes of a paid spin. The Bonus Symbol, by the way, is the Emerald Green Eye-like Amulet, which appears in any reel.

Aside from activating the Fortunium Free Round, a scattering of Bonus icons also awards:

Scatter Pays valued at 1x, 2x, 20x or 100x on 2, 3, 4 or 5 Bonus Symbols occurring accordingly.

Mystery Reels – A spread of three, four or five Bonus Symbols across the grid, ensures that Mystery Symbols will emerge as Mystery Reels; or a complete stack of 5-tile high Question Marks covering an entire column. During the round; 1, 2 or 3 Mystery Reels appear, either in Reels 2, 3, and/or 4. The number of potential Mystery Reels taking positions, depends on the number of Bonus Symbols activating the free bout.

Extra Free-Spin – Every Bonus Symbol that comes into view after a bonus spin extends a round by one (1) additional free turn. It follows that if more than one is in view, the number of Bonus units on display, multiplies the +1 Free-Spin.

Fortunium online slot enhances an icon-matching game by way of Mystery Symbols. Emerging as full or partial stacks in one or more reels, Question Marks subsequently reveal alike icons. Consider a Win Boost configuration, which if turned on for a price, ensures that the Mystery Symbols will reveal only Wilds or any of the top-paying icons. During Bonus Rounds, the Mystery Symbols upgrade as Mystery Reels, as they are sure to land as full stacks of identical images in one up to 3 reels,


Ready to play Fortunium for real?

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Best Casinos That Offer Microgaming Games:

Fortunium Slot Machine

Transport yourself to a retro-style science fiction world and find out what our Fortunium online slot review made of this exciting, feature-packed slot machine where people in Victorian style clothing appear against the backdrop of a futuristic city. Named Maximillian and Victoria, these characters are just a couple of the steampunk-style images that you will see across this five-reel, 40-line slot machine from Microgaming.

Complex weapons, airships and an elaborately-designed treasure chest are also symbols that make this distinctive game stand out. It’s got some outstanding bonuses go compliment the good looks, with wild substitutions, symbol transformations and free spins with richer reels to enjoy. An optional Win Booster feature adds high-value symbols to the mix and extra cash to your bankroll.

Microgaming are an online casino games developer who are building new partnerships to bring even more quality content to their players. The Fortunium video slot has been co-developed with Stormcraft Studios and is the first release from this up and coming company. Judging by the detailed design and top-notch gameplay of Fortunium, our review experts reckon we can expect to see many more successful slots from Stormcraft Studios.

The steampunk genre, where retro style meets future technology, is a popular one. Jules Verne and H.G. Wells were some of the originators of steampunk, with books such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Time Machine bringing advanced machinery to Victorian readers. Movies like Wild, Wild West and Sucker Punch are also classic examples of steampunk style. The Fortunium video slot builds on that world, so let’s visit this amazing place and see what waits for us in the future.

A Fantastic Landscape

The city behind the reels looks like something from The Fifth Element, or some of the Star Wars movies, where the vast towers of Coruscant soared miles into the sky. It’s an impressive sight but let’s focus on the elaborately-framed reels, as that’s where all the action takes place in Fortunium online slot. Each of the five reels has five symbols on it and prizes are won by matching any type of symbol across a payline from left to right.

Smaller prizes are collected when the playing card suits are seen across paylines, while the sci-fi picture icons return the bigger wins. All symbols are double stacked, which makes it easier for them to create winning combinations. The heroes of this game, Maximillian and Victoria, are each stacked five high, filling a whole reel if they stop in the right places. Nice animations play out when they appear, with Victoria winking at the screen as she raises her weapon.

The letter W in a golden piece of machinery is the wild symbol. This pays out the top prizes while also being able to substitute for any other symbol if it can then complete a line, filling in any gaps in a run, or adding to a winning line for a higher payout.

Unlock a Mystery

Our review team were pleased to discover that in any spin you make in Fortunium slot, random Mystery Symbols can be awarded. Blue or gold question marks will land on the reels and turn any symbol, including the wild, into a super-stacked icon. Although this isn’t guaranteed to lead to a win, it frequently will, even if it can often be just a relatively small playing card combination that’s created.

If you choose the Win Booster option, only higher-value symbols, or the wild will be stacked. This costs an extra 50% of your stake but could be worth the price.

Go Green for Free Spins

A glowing green orb within another piece of steampunk-style machinery, is the scatter symbol. It’s worth multiples of the total bet – not just the per line stake – and pays out in any places. When you see three, four, or five scatters, a unique free spins feature will begin, with an initial 10 bonus games awarded and Mystery Reels added.

If just three scatters triggered the feature, one Mystery Reel will be in play, filled with stacked symbols to help you land more wins. When four scatter symbols are seen, you get two Mystery Reels and if five scatters triggered the free spins, then three Mystery Reels will be seen. On top of this rewarding bonus, any time the scatter symbol is seen during the free spins, you get one extra spin added to the end of any still left in the round.

Open up the World of Fortunium

A coin symbol to the right side of the reels takes you off to this strange world by revealing the betting options. Free Fortunium video slots are available, but real cash spins start at just 0.15. Coin values can be raised from 0.01 to 0.50 and you can have between one and 25 coins per line. It all adds up to a maximum wager of 187.50 per spin.

Other control options include setting the reels spinning on autopilot and choosing whether or not to have the soundtrack playing along in the background. It’s got little to do with the steampunk genre but is pleasant enough.

Fortunium online slot is mobile optimized, so as well as playing it on desktop PC’s, you can spin these great-looking reels on Android phones and tablets, Windows devices, iPhones and iPad computers.

Venture to Similar Slots

A couple of distinguished retro/future characters also star in the Steampunk Nation video slot that comes from 888 Holdings.

The beautifully-designed graphics include an airship and complex-looking gun, although instead of a futuristic city behind the reels, this game is set within the dark confines of a machine, surrounded by cogs and pipes. The towers of a city turn up as a scatter symbol, with any three, four, or five triggering 15, 24, or 50 free spins respectively, while the game logo is a wild symbol that doubles the value of any line that it helps to complete.

This five-reel, 25-line slot also has a random progressive jackpot prize that can be claimed at the end of any spin, although you are more likely to be awarded it at higher stakes.

Our Verdict: A Spectacular Steampunk Slot

In the opinion of our review experts, the amazing style and graphics of Fortunium online slot will appeal to any gamblers who like the steampunk genre or just sci-fi in general. All the symbols have been designed with a great attention to the smallest of details and the background image is stunning. Some of the animations that play out are very impressive as well, with cogs, wheels and metal-effect doors opening up when features are triggered for example.

Fire up your PC’s and mobile devices to enjoy the spectacular action and amazing visuals of Fortunium at any of our recommended Microgaming powered online casinos.

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